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Grillmaster Package

The Piggery

Grillmaster Package

$ 149.00> $ 207.00

All of your summer grilling favorites!  Ribs, burgers, pork chops, hot dogs, boneless butt - for kabobs or pulled pork and sausage.  Summer just got so much better!

1 Package Bone in Chops (~1.5 lbs)

1 Package Rosemary-Thyme Rubbed Chops (~1.5 lbs)

2 Packages St Louis Cut Ribs (~2 lbs each)

2 Packages Rib Tips (~1 lb each)

1 Package Boneless Pork Shoulder (~3 lbs)

3 Packages Pig Dogs (Beef and Pork Hot Dogs) (12 Oz Each)

3 Packages Burg Grillers Fresh Garlic Sausage (12 Oz Each)

6 Packages Grassfed Ground Beef (1 lb Each)

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