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New York State Pasture Raised Meats: Sustainable, Convenient, Delicious

The Piggery makes pastured pork and turkey products from a select group of local farms raising animals on pasture (in season, but they always have green things to eat and outdoor access) to exacting specifications.  All of our meat processing is done in house by our crew of talented butchers and chefs at our small but state of the art processing facility in Ithaca, NY.  Our processed meats are free of nitrates, binders and preservatives.  No junk!  

The supplemental grain mixes we feed are GMO-free and very low in PUFA.  The diets are barley-based, much like the traditional hog diets of Northern Europe and Canada, which have long been known to make the best bacon.  This means our pork and turkey is low in overall PUFA and has a healthier Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio than other products on the market, including most other pastured and organic pork products.  Paleo pork and turkey!  Our fresh, never frozen deli meats, pork chops, hot dogs and charcuterie are the stuff of legend and for the first time we are offering them for direct sale online.  

What's The Catch?

The catch is that fresh, never frozen product needs to be delivered within 48 hours.  This is very expensive to do for states too far West or South of New York.  It also means that if you want your order by the weekend you need to have it in by 8am Eastern time Wednesday morning of that week!  For the official list of states we ship to check our shipping policies.  For those of you too far away all hope is not lost.  We are planning a line of shelf stable products that we can ship anywhere much cheaper.  Check back again with us soon.

For those of you who are close enough, we're excited this online store can make accessing well raised, pastured meats easy to source!

For more details about us, check out the main Piggery website.



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